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These are the Gospel of Salvation Services while we are all under the stay at home order. They are originally published on Facebook live and you can watch them live on Facebook. If you do not have facebook you can still watch these videos by clicking on the the link below (the play button on each sermon), you may need to put in a code to prove you are not a robot but you DO NOT need to have a Facebook account to watch. Once you put in the code you will be redirected to the video. 


Thank you all for your support while we are all learning and growing in these uncertain times, what we do know for certain is that Jesus is the Rock of our Salvation, He is the Unshakeable Foundation, the Bright and Morning Star, the Alpha and the Omega, He is in control and He is Victorty. He is Certainty in times of uncertainty, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and not on the situation, He is our Hope and our Rock. We love you all and you all are in our prayers.


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05/23/2021Pastor Ilima Lively Stones ()
05/16/2021Pastor Kawika It Costs What It Costs ()
05/09/2021Deacon Steven Mothers Day Special ()
04/25/2021Pastor Ilima Breakfast by the Sea ()
Sunday John 21:1-19
Matthew 26:32, 28:7 Mark 16:7
04/18/2021Pastor Myra Pastor Myra ()
04/11/2021Pastor Myra Pastor Myra ()

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